Friday, October 14, 2005

Whether I Need to or Not

Hey, it's mark, blogging once a week whether I need to or not.

Well, Doxology was good. The turnout wasn't what the artwork deserved, maybe sixty or eighty, but then frankly, if we'd had even twice as many people, I don't know how we could have accommodated them. Ecclesia's gallery space is cool, and large, but the patio is not gigantic nor the coffeeshop, the kitchen is small, and Dawn and Beth basically made and presented all the food. So we would have been overwhelmed or run out of food or both if there had been a huge crowd.

I was hoping Chris would be there, as I have not seen him in several years. But it was fabulous to have a moment when Brad and Debbie and Andrew and Dawn and me and Shannon were standing around a table together. It was also a little weird but kind of nice that Lower Greenville-related people made up like 20% of the crowd. There was all of us except Jonathan (sadly, since it would make a difference for him to see more of that world), the Rudds including The Ruddlette, some Millers, Jenny and her roommate Kristin--and then Phil and Kathleen, the Young Fungs, came down, and Dave and Naomi staggered over from residency--like 15 Lower Greenville-related people at an art opening in Houston. Wowsers.

Probably the nicest bits were some small moments. Aimee got to meet Beth, and they bonded over Eowyn and Arwen. Aimee was also apparently really pleased by Dawn's catering, and that just meant a ton to Dawn. And Brad Sargent gave all the Thameses special gifts--Lord of the Rings posters and cards and stuff--because, well, because Brad rocks.

Back here at the ranch, it's more of the usual: searching for signs of revival in hell. But at least we're headed out camping this weekend, and finally I've scheduled a campout that is both during a full moon and not raining. We're going to Robbers' Cave in Oklahoma, which I've never been to, so we'll see--but it's gotta be better than more concrete and carpet-covered cubicle partitions.
Stuart came through on his way to New Orleans, and then called when he hit his 'hood. The first sign that something might be slightly amiss amongst the bougainvilleas was the tractor-trailer truck laying on top of an apartment complex around the corner from his place. Maybe he'll salvage some camping gear and tools.
I'm juicing up my dossier at the career office at UTD. I've sent a couple of applications off for fall 06, which is good just as an exercise even if nothing comes of it. I've also finished Habermas's On the Logic of the Social Sciences, yet another gripping title from the master of suspense.
Which of course raises the question of which bodice-ripping page-turner I will take on the campout for hammock-reading: The Past as Future or The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere? Mmm, can't wait to sink my chops in...
Well, gentle reader, three truths emerge from the week: Rod rocks, differently from Brad, kind of like how Mick rocks different from Paul, but still, Rod rocks, and hence my computer lives; secondly, my kids are sensible sorts who have little time for my shenanigans--this means they have a future; and third, when all else fails, just remember, it's never more than twenty-three days til the next bulk pickup week, and if worse comes to worst, you can always just rent a BobCat, push whatever it is out to the curb, and be done with it.


Blogger Lorenloo said...

first off: the word i will need to type in to publish this is "mooaazkw" which is a fun fake word.

secondly, bodice-ripping + habermas=scary mental image.

third-boy OH boy do i wish i was camping and art-gallerying with you folk. PLEASE don't make me want to move back to dallas though, it will totally confuse me. instead-let's plot together of where we can move together new!

8:39 PM  
Blogger Sam Davis said...

Good thing I read these things, right? Camping sounds good to me as well. I miss you guys a lot. Still trying to decode the secret language in the word verification. Feeling full of Thanks. I hope you are as well. Sam

6:26 PM  

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