Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Left My Driveshaft in Ole Kentucky

Beloved reader(s)

Broinlaw Keith and I are off to Louisville for Dawn's sister Stephanie's wedding on Saturday. So I will likely be mostly incommunicado. Nevertheless, I still think that 'levels of fecal material' in south Mississippi water systems is one of those categories, like 'acceptable rat parts per unit' of restaurant meat, that you'd just rather not know about.

In the mild disappointment category, however, which is entirely too populous, the worldviews group didn't happen today at the med school because the new dean was under assault from the students at a big conflab they were having to discuss the new grading system there. The dean, being a genious, decided that a bell curve should be imposed on all grades, so even if everyone in the class really earned a 90 or above, they'd still curve it out where 90-93 is a C, 94-97 a B, and so forth. Hm. Seems like in a practical discipline like medicine, there is an amount you need to know that is actually concretely related to prevailing standards of care. And if you master that info, then you do. But I'm not dean.

Rather, I am done.


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