Monday, September 05, 2005

My Two Bytes

I'm not exactly Mr. Techie. But Jonathan and I installed a 256MB RAM chip in his desktop to double his memory. First time I ever did that. So that was okay.

People often think that those who are confident in their relationship with Jesus are therefore also somehow doctrinnaire about everything else. The fact is, for me, what Jesus proves is that it is personal beings and their relationships that are the most important thing in the universe. And so all the other stuff is downgraded in its screaming-at-me priority. And so I feel okay considering myself an agnostic about tons of stuff, especially historical stuff--agnostic either in the sense that I have not yet heard compelling arguments or evidence to make me make up my mind, or in the sense that I'm dubious about all the options currently on offer, maybe about any possible answer being forthcoming this side of heaven, and so on. It's not that it makes me cavalier--I'm going to heaven so nothing else matters--it's that I don't feel internal angst and stress and get my pantyhose all in a knot over stuff like macroevolution or intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

Dawn is off with her sister Julie to Kentucky to help their sister Stephanie get ready for her wedding this upcoming Saturday. My brother-in-law (and -in-grace) Keith and I will head up with the kids Wednesday night. I suppose we'll come back Sunday.

I finished Habermas's On the Pragmatics of Communication, and so will now start on Between Facts and Norms, his theatrically-named tome on political and legal philosophy.

Re-reading Confederacy of Dunces for fun is especially poignant with New Orleans destroyed. But Ignatius (and John Toole) would feel that irony deeply. How about we rebuild New Orleans without a hopeless, uneducated, underclass bludgeoned into passivity? How about that?


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