Sunday, July 17, 2005

O Mossy Canadian Feet

Jonathan left this morning for Toronto. Okay, so I'm fine. I'll be fine. Just fine. No prob. Yep. Everything's okey-dokey here.

He'll do great. God, just give creepy people something else to do while he's there.

Incredible, Allyson and Adam! The mossy foot project--to come up with $2,500 to buy mules and bicycles for people being treated with this gross-out foot disease in Ethiopia--in Lower Greenville is to wear a one-dollar bill pinned to your shirt, and get people to give you a buck to help. So I went with Tony from Corpus to Legal Grounds, and pulled in $13 in just a few minutes. Is that cool? I'll get my $50, I'm sure. Rarely have I been this psyched about something like this. Adam, even while you're in the pit of desp--er, first year residency--know that you've done a good thing getting this ball rolling. And is our sister Allyson not the person to make it happen? She so never got the memo that says you're sposed to talk stuff to death and then never actually do anything. Yay, other people.

Anybody heard of any plane crashes? I gotta go check the news til Jonathan's scheduled to arrive. But he'll be fine. I'm sure.


Blogger Lorenloo said...

ah mark. one day we will figure out how better to leave tomorrow for tomorrow. until then, same person, different parents.

4:11 PM  

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