Saturday, July 23, 2005


hi. sorry i haven't blogged. i was with shannon in london when the junior varsity terrorists tried their thing on thursday. we were not affected, other than that the police asked people to stay home or nearby, which we did. went to a very cool street market in roman road, bow.

now i'm in bath, which is in western england. chris mcmains is getting married, and i'm helping out. i'm off to sheffield tomorrow.

more soon. but connie and me and my sister and the others here are all okay--as it happened, there were almost no casualties. the hope is that either these guys were the b-squad, terrorists on training wheels, or that this next team was feeling the heat from the police closing in from the july 7 big blast, and rushed the job this time, and consequently botched it. well, i don't know. but figuring out how to make enemies friends is still, whenever possible, i think the best way to get rid of your enemies. i wonder if it's possible here, and if so, how.


Blogger Kiwijasmyn said...

awesome to hear everyone is safe. give shannon a big hug from us!

6:38 PM  

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