Thursday, September 22, 2005


Little meestake in the last blog. Meant to say, I have never met anyone that I thought would not be better off with (more) Jesus in their life (than not).

Austin was tiring but good. Oak Grove Abbey is very cool; very much the sort of thing we have wanted to do or promote over the years, but never quite had the space or the critical mass of believers willing to try it or whatever. So it was great to be able to support them and affirm what they're doing. Christian communal living is not, on some Romantic basis, the ideal or the only way we'd really live if we all could--there is real Christian community in living as real neighbors, too, and other ways of participating in each other's lives as well--but it is cool, is a good thing to have around as a good word and a good picture to others, and we're glad to support it because we have a soft spot in our hearts, if not our heads, for that particular way of trying it. I do pray that whether the people who were looking into communal living in Lower Greenville last fall and spring continue with that interest or not, that there will always be people in the Community who are inclined that way and that it would work for once.


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