Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Hey all.

I finished Habermas's big political philosophy book, called Between Facts and Norms. You might remember I got the idea to do Amazon reviews and Wikipedia articles on all of Habermas's stuff. So I did my first ones. I did a review on Amazon for BFN and started a Wikipedia article on it too. I realize that this is not exactly like getting published in a juried professional journal, but it is fun and doable right off.

I'm halfway through Kant's modestly and simply titled Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics. The intro stuff is surprisingly chatty and, um, catty, really. It's kinda funny.

The worldviews group at the med school is going fairly well I think. It's to the stage now where we're going to deal with how to analyze your own worldview, and then how to interact with people of wildly differing worldviews from your own. Ryan and Zach are just so fearless with their questions in there, which is great for the health of the group.

The ethics group has been up and down. Because there was so much turnover from the summer, it's really not a full-on continuation of the ethics and technology group. So the new folks are really more into the ethics per se. That group is moving in two different directions at once: on the one hand, they want to walk through, well, not specific cases exactly, but likely situations: genetic therapies last week, end-of-life scenarios this week. On the other hand, they're interested in the metaethical problems of how to know when to apply which ethical theory--which is to say, how to decide how they are related to each other and to ethical problems out in the world--and similarly, how is all of that supposed to square up with Christian / biblical ethics?

I also spoke at Southwest Christian Fellowship the past two weeks. I spoke on professional versus spiritual identity two weeks ago, and on the implications of the theology of healing on the self-conception of healers this week.

Shannon Hopkins is here as we try to all get ready for the gallery opening of the Doxology art and theology project in Montrose next weekend.

It's a hundred bloody degrees on like the next to last day of September. For that, we should have Ricardo Montalban and Tatoo and girls with leis and palm trees and junk. Nope; we've got Dixie perspiring and garbage ripening. Oh well: a twenty-degree drop alleged for this upcoming weekend.

Steven Brown is in the house for a while. Lots of support coming his and our way, so that is good.

I speak this week at Wilshire Baptist on postmodern missions, having spoken there in August on the emerging church.

Well, I'm very backed up on stuff I've said I'd do for people, so I'd better go.


Blogger Lorenloo said...

you will be please to know that wikipedia is currentlly "wired" (rather than "tired" or "expired") according to, of course, "wired" magazine.

tell stephen "hey" and "eat well" for me.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I suddenly feel relevant.

5:48 PM  

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