Wednesday, October 05, 2005


We'll be heading down to Houston Friday for the Doxology opening at Xnihilo gallery in Montrose. Lots of people coming in from all over; it should be good. It'll be nice to see some of the people I got to meet in England this summer, and to put some of my English and American worlds together. And it's always good to put Dawn and Shannon in the same space.

The Rudds got a cool new Coleman tent today, just perfect for car camping with their family. It's wild to see stuff on a $60 tent that only came on $300 tents just five years ago: trekpole-supported porch roof, acrylic windows, high-low cross-flow vents, attic attachment points, bathtub floor, clip frame, moonroof, etc.

Went to healingroom tonight and had really good prayer time. There's a lot to pray for, and against, and about. Six impossible things before breakfast? well, maybe: Augustine said that God is perfectly happy to command us to do things that aren't possible, just so we will make sure and look to God in prayer.

Started teaching the med students how to give a "spiritual." I think it got off to a great start. I submitted a couple of article outlines to Stan Cobb of CMDA a few days ago, so all the med stuff is starting to seem real again after losing the Loyds and Willies and Adam Stone.

Dawn and I rode bikes (mirabile dictu!) to Minyards and got groceries this morning. Well, it's something. And the weather is supposed to finally break tonight.

Dawn and I also met with Elaine and Tommy Goode at Urban Market yesterday morning at like 7--a major feat for Dawn. The get-to-know part was good, and the place is amazing. That they have something like that in Dallas now is hard to believe: second-level free parking in the adjacent garage, with a dedicated stair down to the market, which has a patio, a deli, a light restaurant, a lounge-type seating area, and a grocery store. Wow. It might yet become a city around here.


Blogger some chick said...

i am extremely amused that you think our tent is perfect for car camping trips, considering.

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