Monday, October 26, 2009


These things just seize you. Exercising the right to freely associate, so to speak.

So I saw a headline this morning about how they (?) are going to start allowing internet urls in "non-Latin" script, by which they mean not using the Latin alphabet or roman typefaces.

And for some reason my mind flitted not to magic realist plays with tango dancing, which the phrase "non-Latin script" could have sent me to, but instead back to high school.

I was a bit of a nerd in high school.

I know this is news.


But I was in the Latin club.


So anyway, it was among its many other functions the refuge for freethinkers, and generally irreverent wits, in the school. So the club t-shirt, safe because unreadable by the great unwashed, one year read,

Edite plus Christianos / Decem milia ex leonibus non possunt errare.

i.e., "eat more Christians; ten thousand lions can't be wrong"

As we say at our house, free association isn't free.


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