Friday, June 05, 2009


Made it to Tucson yesterday. Arrived 8pm-ish amidst the most amazing multihued sunset ever in history. As a morning guy, I'm into Daw--er, dawn, and I tend to get depressed by late afternoon and even sometimes sunsets. But this was amazing. Dawn said it was God smiling on our venture here, and I'll take that interpretation.

Right now my niece is reading Calvin and Hobbes, my nephew just got in, my sister-in-law (and -in-grace, as it happens) is out counseling, my brother-in-law is gainfully employed, my daughter is reading Jane Austen next to my niece, my mother-in-law is taking a nap after her flight here this morning, the housemate guy is fixing lunch for his two kids and sick wife, and I--I have no responsibilities. Feels almost like a vacation.


Blogger Lomagirl said...

Sounds loverly. I'm hoping for some of that feeling soon.

11:16 PM  
Blogger eric said...

love being the housemate guy :>)

10:22 AM  

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