Wednesday, October 14, 2009

blogging? blogging.

Hi, again.

There are a lot of blogworthy things.

But there are too many delivery mechanisms--facebook, twitter, email, websites, RSS feeds, on and on and on--and too many passwords and, in the end, too many electronic threats--the latest being a card that's been devised that an identity thief can stick in a gas pump card reader--or any other card reader, presumably--and read off the log in numbers and PINs of everyone who's used the reader within the last whatever. And so where to spend precious minutes "updating my status" (um: "grumpy, but committed to my current mission in life, just like yesterday"), and where to feel safe doing so, is a problem for me.

It's easy for dis-"ee-nchantment" to get the better of me--to be disenchanted with all things "e-."

But there are jokes unjoked that deserve a good joking, and occasionally there are ideas that take more than 150 characters to enunciate, and I'm pretty sure that "what's going on right now?" or "what's on your mind?" or "what are you doing right now?" are not--probably ever--the most important or interesting questions, about anyone.

(Not that I'm unappreciative to Gov. Palin for her tweets, which have given William Shatner a renewed and well-deserved, if amusing, popularity among college and high school students.)

So: having slogged through the "forgot my password" business for the 400th time (if your browser remembers your passwords for you, then anyone who hacks into your browser could...uh, do something bad...), I'm back to blogging a bit.

Many thanks to the Rudds, Joneses, and Rodolicos of the world who hold alive the hope that the whole electronic world is not so hopelessly commercialized and compromised securitywise that it'll all be shut down in 10 years and be replaced with mentats. (Spice is probably what NASA is really looking for on the moon and Mars.)

For a while, I'm back.


Blogger joshuarudd said...

Glad you're backā€¦ for now. ;)

12:44 PM  
Blogger LA the plannerd said...

it is hard to know how much to put out "there" into the e-ether (ether-net? but then that's a cable too...), but it is also such a good way of keeping tabs on people you love who live far away.

so...also glad you're back!

3:53 PM  

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