Thursday, July 27, 2006


Okay. I have a job. Woo! I am now O-fishally a visiting scholar in philosophy and religion at El Centro College for the next two years, starting this August. Yay! Consider me supported, and with a solid platform for the other stuff I want to do. Adequate salary means Jonathan probably won't get kicked out of school for nonpayment of tuition, we get to stay in the BabySwiss house, and Dawn hopefully won't have to work so much.

These are good things.

Ya wanna learn fee-losophy, ethics, or world religions? I'm your guy. Call me, El Centro is cheap.

Nuff of that.

We also had the coolest vacation, the classic that nobody gets any more, two weeks on the road out west. Saw the Great Salt Lake valley, surreal place; the alarmingly beautiful highway 1 along the coast of California; the expanding Rudd family in San Francisco (52 degrees Fahrenheit on like July 16); Hollywood, now known locally as ThaiTown; Lauren and Danny's wedding; Mt. Rainier from three sides at a distance of forty miles all around, amazing; Redwood National Park, and Arches National Park. Plus Seattle, and Jonathan's future home at the University of Washington. Like I tell people about honeymoons (take one, the biggest, funnest you can), so I say to you, gentle reader, about big vacations: once a decade, take a monster, some place really cool, and without regrets.

Finally, a bunch of things came together, happily. We are--I am, quite blessed. Don't me forget it.