Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yay, Jonathan!

Jonathan graduated last night from TAG, Newsweek's number one public high school in America. It was great: my mom and dad and younger sister were there, along with Miss Maggie and the MattMan and Kent and...Gail--who was at his birth...which is so very cool, that whole lifetime friends thing. Party at LGBC tonight.

I am doing job applications, which is a life-enhancing, self-esteem-building exercise if ever there were one. We'll see.

Reading Don Carson's Becoming Conversant with Emergent. He sort of is. I'll say more soon about this, but the whole web phenom right now about it is I think as much as anything an object lesson in the problems that come when something that is not even yet fully a subject becomes an object. What I mean is, when you are in transition and under construction and undefined, for people to come in and analyze you as though you were coming with your A game in a well-understood competition where we know what counts as success and what's a warning sign and so forth, leads to all kinds of misunderstandings and unfortunate reactions. If we don't know what it is yet, one shouldn't judge it on what it is or isn't. Becoming maybe has different criteria of evaluation than being.

But you know, none of that, no matter how incredibly important it is, however much it may have leapt off the page and really grabbed you emotionally right where you live, none of it is as important to me as the fact that Jonathan got real recognition for what he has really been and become and done already in his life. And that's cool. Congratulations, Jonathan.


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