Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That's Some Pig

Every few days I get a couple of days older. But then Vonnie (sp?) comes along with this one: how do I know that these are my chips? Because they nacho chips.

More reasons to go on living.

Some old friends from Zambia are in the States. Wouldn't that be a trip if Jonathan at graduation were able to see people here who knew him there, just as he was starting kindergarten?

The standard church line is that the church is like Noah's ark: if it weren't for what's outside, no one could stand the smell inside...and the latest Christianity Today is full of...odors. More unnecessary Southern Baptist policy odors. More odoriferous ministerial sexual predilections. Do people really think 'theirs don't stink'? Mine does, sorry for sharing, but at least, as Socrates said, I know it. On the other hand, South Korean missionaries in Darfur totally rocks.

I went into an Applebee's with an Indian woman who's a friend of ours last weekend. Her Sri Lankan husband was doing something and we were going ahead and getting a table and so on. And the waitress (I use the word intentionally) was one of those tough-saucy middle-age types--with the I-probably-hang-with-bikers look on her, all gruff and kind. And she automatically treated us as a couple. This was silly: I'm 15 years older than Naseem, and but for phenotype I could pass for her dad. But both of us felt so good about it, like Please God hasten the day when everyone is as race- and color- (and age? surely not, yet...) blind as this woman. Being conformed to the image of his dear Son does not mean that God will make us more and more like each other. Becoming more and more like Jesus is instead precisely about each of us looking more and more like ourselves. And both that unity in Christ and that diversity among ourselves are beautiful things, and intended to be so by God.


Blogger Lorenloo said...

wow, what an awesome experience. especially unexpected perhaps for an applebee's, who are not necessarily expected for supporting heterogenity (sp?). beautifully described, as well.

i've noticed that a bunch of shows aimed at people just younger than me are quite casually multiracial, and that's neat. i've read (and experienced annecdotally) that the youngins these days are often like "interracial? whatever!" which is great. nice to know that biker ladies in texas chain family restaurants are too.

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