Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Decades in Blogger Years

Well, it's been two months, almost, since I posted, which makes my posts like 85 years old in blogyears. Welcome to the geriatric report.

Steven moved back home with Gene. Pray that that will work and be a good thing: I kid you not. This is one of those chances for God and everybody to prove the stereotypes and scripted outcomes we all hear playing in our heads very wrong. Pray that it be so.

With our bit of stretching room, we've done...well, everything. The Rudds are moved to San Francisco, a good thing in a tearful-for-us sort of way. has come and gone on holiday from England, splashy and fun. I've applied for about 40 more positions, including a fairly nice one here in town. Oh, as long as you're praying...

I got to go to Kansas City to give a paper, "The Duty to Love: Habermas and Kierkegaard on Political Morality," to the Wesleyan Philosophical Society. It was my first formal academic presentation. I enjoyed it--although, of course, it was a much nicer audience than many. I'm submitting it for consideration for a book. I also submitted a shorter version for a bigger meeting this upcoming December, the same one I went to in New York this past September. Now to start work on my next paper, which will probably do something very similar, but with feminist ethicist Annette Baier instead of Kierkegaard as the dialogue partner with Habermas.

Dawn got to see her mom in Kentucky. Naseem's mom in Colorado passed away (sigh). Amber came down for several days from Pennsylvania (yay!).

Teaching this term is going much better in religion, because of a reordering suggestion Dawn made (changing the order of the course, not ordering new students). I'm not very jazzed about philosophy, and need to work on that. Julie Poe totally rocks as a wildly effective on-call sub.

Lent has started, and Taize has returned to Lower Greenville, a very happy thing for me and others. Gail is an amazing meditative worship leader.

Jonathan has been accepted at University of Washington--Seattle, University of Southern California, and University of Michigan. So cool, and I'm super proud of him. He has no bad options, really, although waiting to hear from his other three schools and waiting to hear about the financial aid packages they'll offer is a twisting in the wind business. Speaking of, I got to do the FAFSA for the first time this year. Mm-mm good. As long as we sell the house at a big margin and move into a 1968 Ford Gran Torino up on blocks in someone's backyard, we'll be fine.

I'm praying for more focus this Lent. Everywhere I look in my life is stuff to do, and it's very distracting and dissipating of energy. Somehow I need to buckle down and take something, do it, and move to the next thing. Right now I feel like I'm in a pool trying to keep a dozen basketballs underwater.


Blogger some chick said...

we're here!!! although things are a bit overwhelming at times. but we found trader joe's, so there is some happiness. and we found (well, we were told about) a GREAT park three blocks from the house and judah fell in love with it, so there is some happiness.

i should do something lenten. i could use it. walking 12 random blocks to find the appropriate bus stop on the appropriate one way street going in the CORRECT DIRECTION with judah on my back is NOT what Cherie told me to do during this pregnancy, so I'm tired and a wee bit cranky and could use something lenten.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Lorenloo said...

i'm glad you're back in blogdom! sounds like there have been many and sundry good reasons for you not to be typing, however, and much opportunity for prayer.

oh, so, uh, jonathan got into USC, huh? that's like, my alma mater. huh. interesting. (hides ridiculous grin in shirt)

is it wrong to pray that you get a job on the west coast?

1:45 AM  
Blogger Mark said...


we've managed to mislay yall's snailmail address. please send to us so we can send to you.

and Lauren, there *are* two positions open, one in Los Altos and one in Cupertino. So....

11:24 AM  
Blogger Mark said...


we've managed to mislay yall's snailmail address. please send to us so we can send to you.

and Lauren, there *are* two positions open, one in Los Altos and one in Cupertino. So....

12:02 PM  
Blogger Janiece said...

Hi Mark
Pass my howdy onto Dawn. I am so looking forward to seeing you guys over Holy Week. Aiden, Isaac, and I are hoping to be there for Palm Saturday. Joshua will, of course, be in Ghana so I guess he will get to tell us about a West African Easter.
See you soon,

9:44 PM  

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