Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hm. Since last we spoke, we've just about finished the driveway; pruned the big rose in front; cut down the other soapberry tree; weeded, trimmed, edged, mowed, sprayed, fertilized, etc., like you wouldn't believe. The garage apt is in process paintwise, and work's being done on our bedroom also. Nice bonus for the week: a woman in our community, Angela, prayed about God providing a hammock for me (figuratively speaking: a way to relax and destress). Well, cleaning up an old woodpile in back, lo and behold, a moveable lawn hammock frame. Amber had given me a hammock,'s hammock time!

Seder was at Maggie's last night, and it went pretty well. I like leading them, although I was a bit saddened that so many people we've shown how to do stuff have gone do stuff elsewhere, of course, which is good, but I miss a lot of people this time of year. This morning props go to our dog Dixie, who woke me at 3:30am just to make sure I didn't miss my 4:15am alarm, and to the Chinese donut shop in our 'hood, which had 2 dozen chocolate glazed ready to go at 4:45am. Walkabout went pretty well; I am psyched about Mark and Magnificent Mandy's new baby-about-to-be, but I'll have to wait a year for Mark to maybe take on some of the walkabout leadership role. In the meantime, I got the patrol cop from heaven, who actually got what I was calling for when I called up to explain to the night shift desk that young persons would be skulking nefariously about lower greenville in the wee hours, but not to worry.

this evening, vince did a good job on tenebrae--although and can it be is one hymn that doesn't need a new tune--but the joy of it all was that jon and abigail appeared out of the sky from st. louis, unannounced, just when I could use seeing them. go, God.

peace to you where you are, doing what you're doing this eastertime.


Blogger Lorenloo said...

and speaking of and can it be, check out these websites i found:

they play the music and show the lyrics! yay!

how about we sing "trees of the field" as the walking out (postlude?) to the wedding? eh?

1:35 AM  

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