Thursday, April 20, 2006

Historic Preservation

Yeah and so Curran and I took the siding off one of the pillars holding up our front porch, only to find inside that there was nothing holding up the pillar...the pillar base was hollow, and great effort had been taken to make it hollow...for no reason, since putting a solid core (like a 4x4) in the middle and surrounding it with whatever looks nice is easy and standard. And so then we took off some floor boards on the porch, which from previous experience we had deduced were put down by epileptic baboons, and found out, sure enough, everything was floating on everything else, nothing was actually attached or actually based on anything else. Um.

Okay so fine, we figured out a strategy and Curran went at it. Meanwhile I went upstairs to relieve stress by breaking down a partition wall...only it wasn't one, exactly. It was solid wood, through and through, except...the middle, where there had been originally a wall, which was cut through for a doorway, and then boarded (ineptly) back up. The cool aspect was that there was original wallpaper under the (lousily mounted and ickily plastered) drywall.

I go to Kansas City again tomorrow, this time for Steven Allen and Sarah Morrison's wedding. That'll be fun, and I'll get to see Naseem and Ruben, who're flying in.

Topic of the day:
Is Lower Greenville an 'emerging church'? Well, lots I could say about that. But for now just this: aspects of Christian identity and practice keep on emerging there. Such as this past Holy Week, which was already "de-Mark-ated" before it began. I had my parts (immersing Sarah Owens, leading Walkabout, helping with Maggie's seder), but they were my contribution as a member (sorry, potato), and not Me The Leader in action. God's leading in and through Paul and Julie is clear, and I'm glad to see it keep unfolding...emerging.


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