Thursday, May 11, 2006

We're Baa-aack

Hey. No real news tonight, just trying to clutter your rss feeds.

We did four days in the Texas Hill Country (yes, there are hills here...well, there). Camped three nights, rained on every time. Glad my Scout troop forced us to learn what a dry pitch looks like and how to guy out a taut tent fly. We stayed nice and xeric in our little nylon abode.

Congratulations to the off-kilter folks who run the Welfare Cafe in the most unlikely-named Welfare, Texas. Talk about killer, upscale Hill Country food. Wow. Chicken in peach-jalapeno-white-wine sauce, and pork tenderloin in cherries and molasses. Yeah, mama.

My final final tomorrow. Finally broke down and am reading Da Vinci Code, since I get like 12 questions a day about it. Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute, okay?

If you get a chance, listen to Archbishop Tutu's reading of "African Prayers" on cd or cassette. Well worth it.


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