Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ron/Pat Paul/sen

Whew. Just recovered from celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with Ron Paul...(Hunh?! he wants to blow up Congress? Queen Elizabeth II? he likes Hugo Weaving *a lot*? he needs money really really badly? what?).

Stone Soup Storytelling was good this year. About 45 parents and kids Friday, and some *very focused* kids at that. Then 50 or so adults on Saturday night, with much more in the way of personal anecdotes, although friend Jenny sent an original story, Gary had poems, and there was quite a bit of music.

Many thanks to everybody who made it happen.

I'm deeply submerged in work right now. In the social and political philosophy course I'm in the typically absurd position that instructors get into, of trying to condense an entire complex movement or world of ideas and actions into "which one article will we read on that?"

So sorry Stephen Colbert is dropping out of the race. Comedian Pat Paulsen, of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, ran in 1968, and got like 3rd place in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. (He ran on the Straight-Talking American Government, or STAG Party, platform...) And I think Robin Williams's movie "Man of the Year" was unjustly panned; I thought the points it made about a society getting to where what gets thrown up as leadership is so shot through with venality and mediocrity that people are eager to vote for comedians. There's savage criticism of the system in that kind of desperation, of course, but it's also something only people who still earnestly wish the system were good do. You can taste the yearning on the air. The world may not be changing, as Galadriel thought, but were it possible for it to change in a different direction from what worried her, then a lot of us wish it would...


Blogger Lomagirl said...

Kera on Sunday nights is showing "The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard" about a woman who decides to run for parliament to make a point about the lack of good candidates and the apathy of the people, and eight weeks later is PM of England. Only there- the first one was good. Now it's about her travails as PM. Anyway, she wasn't a comedianne, but it shares some elements.
Stone Soup rocked! Thanks.

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