Thursday, October 04, 2007

As I listen to Jonathan and Elizabeth talk about current and future plans or dreams, it brings up long-term plans for Dawn and me as well.

I wonder what it would be like to go back to Africa really. I wonder if going as an expatriate, missionary or otherwise, is what I would want. But what would naturalization be like? Presumably you *can* naturalize anywhere, so there must be procedures for becoming Tanzanian or Zambian or South African or whatever. But of course a white middle-class American does not expect to naturalize as a dishwasher in her new country; the reverse happens here, with some comment but little outrage, of course--but what about the other direction?

Could I get a job in a philosophy department, despite the color of my skin, given the history of colonialism and apartheid there?

Would we be accepted? What becomes of homesickness in such a context? For example, German-Americans kept German-language events and newspapers into the twentieth century.

What about the critical posture toward government I take, and I think important to exist? Artificial countries, like Tanzania and Zambia, need integrative and positive voices, because they have no overweening national pride or xenophobia, because "they" were not ever a "they" historically, but were simply made into countries by the British.

What about shifting away from a hard-currency income, from euros / dollars / pounds to shillings or kwacha?

But one wouldn't want to naturalize "just to see if I could do it." So I'm just musing, at one level. But it is a helpful way to force me to think about global perspective in a more rigorous and yet more personal way.


Blogger Jonathan said...

i think about these things a lot and would love to talk about them at any time.

8:05 PM  

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