Sunday, September 23, 2007

an ounce of more is worth a pound of fooling

Hello. Thought I was gone? Not so lucky. Back again. and doubtless to be linked to my Facebook page. Nonsense all, on one level, but communicative nonsense, so worthwhile, then.

I'm teaching 5 sections of 4 courses for 6 sections' credit. Everyone clear?

I'm at El Centro College in downtown Dallas (a block from the Kennedy assassination site) full-time for the second year in a row now. This fall I have a double section of world religions, one of ethics, and two of introduction to philosophy. Most funly, I am doing a social and political philosophy course for the first time, and for the first time at this college in perhaps 15 years. I'm also supervising two (soon to be 3 or 4) adjuncts, teaching more philosophy and religion. Plus a philosophy club and college, and soon (hopefully) one at Beth's high school. I'm trying out in intro the anthology I put together this summer, called "Sophie's Reader," so it's fun to see how people react to that.

The arc of this narrative is that I get evaluated for permanent hire, the community college (not-quite-) equivalent of tenure, this upcoming spring. And I'm trying to work as much as humanly possible to get Dawn some relief and to start paying down on our debts.

Otherwise, I hang out at the med school still, though less than I want to. I love Angela and Curran living behind us. I'll officiate at Vince and Sarah's wedding in a few weeks. And I taught at LGBC just this past Saturday. I miss many people, starting with Jonathan, but look forward to FallFest (the 14th annual) and Christmas.

So much for updating.



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