Thursday, January 11, 2007


Dawn is in Kentucky helping her mom pack up. I fly up tomorrow (thanks, Maggie, for the airport shuttle) to load the moving van and drive it back. Having her mom move in with us may either tank or drastically increase the need for my blogging, so we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, pick up Neil Howe and Bill Strauss's books, either The Fourth Turning or Generations: A History of the United States from 1584-2069. Creepily insightful, a la the way Meiers-Briggs can't possibly be that neat and clean, and yet, and yet...their manuals sound like someone's been reading my secret diary, along with my stuffed bear and other things nobody knows anything about me. So yeah, the generational talk gets tedious, but this is the nontedious horse's mouth, so to speak, where the legitimate aspects of it come from.

The subtitle of the Roman philosopher Seneca's book On the Shortness of Life is, "Life Is Long If You Know How to Use It," in which he usefully distinguishes between addiction, obsessions such as workaholism or shopaholism, and boredom on the one hand, from appreciating and understanding your life as you live it, intentionally but not desperately, on the other. If it were only as easy to do as to say.


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