Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Stab at a Sonnet

Here's a poem on trying to do it all. Copyright moi, please.

Let Me Just Once Essay

Let me, just once, essay the hard, brave thing,
Then stick to plan, endure, and keep to task;
And not evade, but, as the questions cling,
Try my best to answer what I ask.
Yet, who am I to live three lives at once?
Demand my heart and mind to bear the strain
Of study, work, and family life, all fronts?
To be both one and three is, they say, much too vain.
Yet master, mate, and mission all have claims:
They give me meaning, love, and purpose--
For strikes the target best who closest aims;
He alone thrives who prays, commits, and does.
So, who would not attempt the divine dare:
To live and love and work with equal care?
Mark Thames (c) 2007.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gak! when you return to blogging you really return to blogging. will return for more thorough reading soon, but for now:

wonkette.com (you may not like it, it's pretty tacky, but i think it's a good cultural thing to know about)
dailykos.com (important to know about and serious)

see you tomorrow! more comments soon!


3:37 AM  

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