Saturday, September 16, 2006

Homeward Bound

People moving, homes moving, people moving home, people moving new places which will be home...

Dawn went back to Louisville with Jonathan to see her mom. She (her mom) will come here to stay in January.

Steven is in England now.

Jonathan leaves for Seattle at half-past early on Thursday.

Dawn announces that the theme for FallFest this year will be Moves That Move You--your own moves, stories about refugees, displaced peoples, new houses, new homes, exile, coming home, etc. There'll be two nights so that kids get their own night.

Lauren and Danny came through (yay!) which was very fun and spent tons of time with us, going to San Luis Obispo from Los Angeles via Dallas...just as you would expect.

Amber is in Niger, sweating out the frustratingly high mortality rate at the mission hospital there. Pray for her and anyone else willing to do that work.

Did I mention that Jonathan is off to the University of Washington this week? It will require him to move to Seattle, we understand.

Still and all: it's good to be home.


Blogger some chick said...

moves that move you? wow. where to start....

6:09 PM  

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