Saturday, December 23, 2006


Some quietly celebratory stuff, which will be repeated, doubtless, in whatever Christmas / New Year's letter we eventually get out.

Elizabeth got her first job, at Wuf Pet Resort and Spa, as a dog care specialist. Started two days ago. Very cool and good for her. She's looking at summer possibilities, getting tons of college flyers and making a visit list, and starting to think about senior thesis.

Jonathan came home from his first quarter at University of Washington, doing very well, spending time with us, and making summer plans for study of southeast Asian languages--maybe Thai, maybe in Thailand.

Dawn and I are very fortunate people, is all I'll say, to know such fun, sensible, cool people who have no time for our shenanigans and yet still hang out with us.

We've finished stripping and refinishing the stairs, removed the upstairs partition wall, enlarging the landing, finished repainting the exterior of the house, repainted the kitchen, repainted Jonathan's old room (now Beth's), and redone the floors in our room and Beth's old room (now the family office / guest bedroom). We hope to be ready for Dawn's mom to move in with us in mid-January.

I finished my first full-time semester at El Centro College, and I'm fairly happy with the results. I think I figured out how to do the ethics and religion courses, so hopefully those will run more smoothly this next term. And I've begun to get to know other faculty at El Centro and other philosophers around town. A long way to go on those fronts. I still have pending other bidness, including technical philosophical writing, alternachurch and postmodern Christianity stuff, and spending as much time with my folks, who are not at this stage to be taken for granted at all, coming into the spring semester. Lastly, I've seen some success, in the sense of slightly trimmer girlish figure and somewhat improved wind and stamina, with Ten Thousand Steps, which is a hokey name for a get-off-yer-duff-and-exercise deal: have pedometer, will walk--that I've been doing for six or eight weeks.

Lower Greenville meets at our house this evening for a texts and carols candlelight service. Wish all yall could be here.


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all y'all wishes we could be there, too.

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