Friday, October 12, 2007

Ups and Downs

I'm pretty sure the guys in creative at the agency that got the Scion account thought the xB was yougly with a great big U, since the ad campaign was things like "pro: ugly, con: ugly," and "pro: wrong for so many; con: wrong for so many." And yet...the mobile little cube has grown on me. So the xBox leads me to today...

On the up side, Vince and Sara get married this weekend. Yay! Should be interesting, all things considered.

On the down side, Dawn has been gone for two weeks, and when she comes home tonight it will just be to work two twelve-hour shifts and turn around and leave again--to go to Louisville to bring Diane back--so gone for several more days.

On the up side, got to visit SCF at the med school and talk with a biology class about evolution this week.

On the down side, I don't know the new SCF leadership, which felt weird, and, as often, there are all sorts of uncertainties and regrets after speaking on a topic like evolution.

On the up side, I've resumed work on the study of the Christian understanding of the atonement. On the down side, I haven't got an academic article in process in philosophy right now.

On the up side, I'm in Book VII of Augustine's "City of God," and it's pretty interesting (although less fun than the Onion's article on changes to Dante's Inferno). On the downside, I couldn't finish Harry Potter's fifth (massive) installment, so that means I can't go on to VI and VII yet.

Did I mention that on the up side, Dawn's coming back tonight?


Blogger Lorenloo said...

oh, i would love to talk to you about harry potter stuff when you finish. though i suppose it shouldn't be a top priority for you :). i had to lock it in my locker at work after it arrived a week early as i had a math final. but luckily my (absolutely adorable, exuberant, female!) math teacher was also reading it, so we could commiserate.

yay for return of wife!

3:50 AM  

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