Thursday, October 25, 2007

So the State Department gave $4 billion of my taxpayer dollars to unaccountable mercenaries in Iraq. Yeah, so.

It's just this way. If I were forced to choose between a societal arrangement--laws and regulations and politics--that resulted in thousands, maybe tens of thousands of single, uneducated, poverty-line, young, mostly minority moms, getting hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars in benefits that they don't deserve, or, on the other hand, a societal arrangement that resulted in a few hundred, or maybe a few thousand, married (a couple times), middle-aged, educated, upper-middle-class or better, guys, mostly white, getting hundreds of thousands and maybe millions--billions--of dollars in benefits that they don't deserve, I know which injustice I'd prefer. Milking the government, to put it nicely, just is that, whether it's a welfare scam or Blackwater. But if I had to be stuck with one or the other...


Blogger some chick said...

you paid $4 billion in taxes? you've GOT to get a new accountant...

12:23 AM  

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