Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have no ornithological idea whether cardinals really mate for life or not, but I am happy to firmly believe that they do. At any rate, they're my marriage bird. Sure enough, on our anniversary trip, there were cardinals outside our bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, in our campsite (on the picnic table!) at Garner State Park, and waiting for me near the second flet on our zipline canopy tour at Cypress Valley.

Twentyfive more up than down. Some to go. Good. And, thanks for the cardinals...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Mark.
Hi, Mark.

This is Kim Alexander. It's time for our conference again (, and it's always better when we can share it with you. Give me a call when you have a sec.


11:09 AM  
Blogger Lomagirl said...

So, being inclined to think of religion when I read your site, I immediately thought, "of course cardinals don't mate at all" (not if they want to become pope.)
Then I read further. Congrats on 25.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait....cardinals are a special bird to you, Mark? Incredible!!! They are to me as well!!!

Let's see, I got a link here somewhere. Ah yes, here's one:

Every time I see or hear them they remind me of God's abiding grace and mercy and presence.

How cool that they have meaning to you as well!

Peace to you!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Rich said... why didn't that put my name in there above. Oh well, see you Saturday!



2:20 PM  

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