Thursday, May 01, 2008

Random thoughts about transportation and communication...

I am happy to report that it now costs about half as much to take a train from Seattle to Chicago as it does to fly...although it takes about ten times as long. Now if it were half as much for twice as long, we'd do it.

It seems to me that since you can't talk to everyone instantly at the same time (even blogging only approximates that), that talking to someone for the first time in five weeks happens at the same speed whether you've written a letter in longhand and posted it, or you text them.

I'm trying not to lose the communication in the bandwidth...

Chesterton tells the story about the guy taking the train from London to Edinburgh, who ran to the front of the train to speed up the trip. As Claudius supposedly told the Senate upon his nomination as Emperor, surely it is the content of what one says, not the speed with which one says it, that counts.

But I am about talked out this semester, come fast or come slow. Time for a break, not just R & R, although that, but also quiet and listening and waiting until there is, again, something to say. I need this.


Blogger Sanubienne said...

As usual Dr. Thames, your thoughts are making my face go, "hmmmmm". I am in the process of purchasing train tickets to take my little ones to The Taste of Chicago but goodness the price is just ridiculous. I miss you!!!! -S.

7:38 AM  

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