Thursday, May 08, 2008


To be in one's mid-twenties is no bad thing. One should never have to apologize for being the age one is at the time in history that one is that age. John Mark was twelve when the biggest thing in his life happened; Anna the prophetess was eightyfour...

Hence: twentyfive (of a jillion) things I associate with Dawn and my marriage turning twentyfive...

1. Camping
2. Backpacking
3. Scrabble
4. Jon Stewart
5. Miami Vice nights, 1984
6. thirtysomething
7. MASH reruns
8. Princess Bride quotes
9. all the Lord of the Rings movies and Matrix movies at midnight of the day they came out
10. "Chef" episodes (the British Lenny Henry series) recorded for us by friend Susan
11. all the Christmas specials on one tape recorded by sister Rachel
12. Steve Martin, especially "L.A. Story," Stephen Wright, and Eddie Izzard
13. Chipangali Wildlife Refuge in Bulawayo, and the Arboretum in Dallas
14. Jonathan's birthday party at Munda Wanga zoo south of Lusaka, and the Egyptian Mystery birthday party at the Vickery house
15. Beth singing, at age 4 or 5, "nobody knows the sorrow I've seen," after our first family meeting about how kids have to do chores
16. Dawn's amazing preplanned anniversary trip to Austin
17. "Sneakers" and "Hunt for Red October" and "Spy Game"
18. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver costumes the year of "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"
19. Cinnamon and Ginger and Kapushi and Prickles and Allora and Dixie
20. St. James Art Fair in Louisville
21. Mike Cross and West Point on the Eno in Durham
22. the Richmond house, the Food Hole, brunch, and Christmas tree bonfires
23. in the dark house together after Dawn killed power to the house when I got electrocuted in the attic
24. Jonathan's birth after 18 hours and Beth's after 6 or so
25. now

We're off to the Hill Country come Sunday, through next Saturday.

Thanks to Dawn, and thanks to the grace of God, we are here. Thanks to you, as well.


Blogger Lorenloo said...

here's to twenty-five more, when your marriage can be all grown up!

so much love!

1:39 PM  

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