Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Easter Ever After

Well, newsie bits first before all the wisdom...

thanks to Keith for the reminder that I needed to get my blogging going postEaster again.

Dawnie is in Louisville seeing mom and assorted sisters and retrieving Mom's 94 Tercel, since Mom won't be driving any more. Hard to see for a woman who when I first met her was famous for very fast, marathon drives in a 76 Bonneville they called the DragonWagon.

Prom is Friday. Good on TAG for making it an all-school deal, not just seniors or juniors-seniors; also good on 'em for being mostly a friends thing, not a date thing. Soooo much healthier than the nonsense I went through.

We got a porch swing from friends for happy-sad reasons. After hanging some 4 x 4s in the attic and getting some boss hardware, it's ready for you, dear reader, to come and swing out with us.

Holy Week was great. The most people ever for Walkabout--a mob of 30 (!) wandering around Lower Greenville at 5am. That was awesome. And Marleigh Essler totally rocks: what a trooper, getting baptized at 6:30am on Easter morning in a White Rock Lake conveniently turned frigid by two days of fresh rain and 45 degree temperatures, with wind. Wow.

Plus apparently a great effort on the third annual Peep Jousting Tournament (is establishing traditions a hoot or what?). First, there was a huge turnout and Maggie, the Queen of Peeps, beat out Vince, Le Peep Noir, the Black Peep of Death, for the first time. Second, there were a few personalized peeps this year for the first time. Peep customizing is in its infancy, and surprisingly few people got on board for my suggestion that we have a Pimp My Peep competition. Still, I expect great things from people who this year gave us Kirby, the Cerberus Peep, with three heads. Lastly, we finally got PeepCam up and functional. It was closed circuit this year, but highly successful; can live streaming to the web be far behind? I think not.

Okay that's the news. Here's what will have to do for wisdom this time around. Easter is a great time to be in contact with all the people I lose track of but still care about in the alternative culture here who are not on board with Jesus. And what I find from this overall is that loving people who radically disagree with you is like lying on the gurney and choosing to have the docs leave the wound open a little longer, on the chance that if you do, something besides you might heal...


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och. wish i was there. keep writing please.

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