Friday, February 11, 2005


Hey. A cloudy day, feeling much cooler than it is. The pit bull roaming the neighborhood the last few days seems to be gone now.

That faint buzzing sound you hear is dozens, even hundreds of people who know and support LGBC, all making little tiny Monty Python cheers (and waving flags) for the fact that Mandy the Magnificent is taking over the administrative hooha here. Given how far moi is from organization generally, it's generally a good thing the further away I am from the administrative organization of this organism (LGBC) in particular.

For those of you keeping track of how we're doing at relationship maintenance, Dawn and I, knowing that we're going to be deluged (delightfully, but still) with people next week (which is *Valentine's Day*, for doughhead guys not keeping track), went out last night. A bookstore, a bottle of water, and thou.

Moses, looking back over the Red Sea as it rushes in on the Egyptians: "parting is such sweet sorrow."

Exciting new car names: for the large-wheeled, slit-windowed SRX, I recommend "Cadillac Squatty." For the overly aggressive 300 (and Magnum), I suggest the name "Dodge Gangsta."

Turned in a book review of Huston Smith's "Why Religion Matters" today. Hopefully it'll be published soonish. I'm reading Chesterton's wild and crazy novel "The Man Who Was Thursday," the philosopher Donald Davidson's "Subjective Intersubjective Objective," and just got John Julian Norwich's (Lord Norwich's) "Byzantium: A Short History." Page-turning bodice-rippers, each and every one...

Some may not know I'm teaching adjunct at El Centro College in downtown Dallas. This term it's intro philosophy (taught using "Sophie's World") and survey of major world religions (using the Idiot's Guide).

More soonish.



Blogger shannon said...

Glad you're blogging! Welcome to the clan

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